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February 14, 2020


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Hail Mary has its origins in the Catholic church but has been adopted as one of the most exhilarating plays of organized American football. While this play started with a gut application and with a prayer with the ball released and eyes closed, it is actually a play that is practiced not just in games but in Life. Join us today at a Hero's journey with Dr.D as we give a life lesson that is aligned with this famous play. Clickhttps://youtu.be/bX5HIo25TIU to see the video.

     The game of football has many different

elements and one of the most vital elements are

the plays amongst the years a different place have

been created based on different situation one now one of the most famous plays is the hail mary

yeah one of the most famous places of

the hail mary's and the hail mary has life lessons as

well and today the hero's journey with dr d

I'm going to explain the origins of hell

it's going to be brief origins of the hail mary and the good

and bad of it all let's roll all right for those of you

who are clicking for the first time

I'm heroes journey with Dr. D and I'm Dr.D here to aspire to encourage to motivate educate and help you get beyond your

first, move creating a better mindset

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Dr. D enjoy the video

while in 1975 roger Starbuck coined the

phrase hail mary the hail mary pass or play

and is now famous for igniting the very term that has been used all

over for decades but in 1984 at Boston College it was just five

seven well he's under six feet Doug Flutie quarterback at Boston College I don't know if he's underestimated or what but he

himself go fig in the last couple of minutes a couple of seconds of the game he threw the same pass coined the hail mary 60 yards into the

end zone two through two defenders caught

into in the end zone and touchdown and that in the game against no other than the Miami hurricanes were the powerhouse

they were the powers it was the game was

going back and forth

and maybe you underestimated a Doug

because he was short

and he was small but the difference is

he had a plan and that's what we're

going to talk about

while the hail mary pass is a play it

has a couple of lessons that you can


in life the question I ask is it good or

is it bad

was it hail mary good or bad was how you

look at it

based on the perspective it's based on your

perspective in the clinch

it was great but as a way of living

not so much you have to look at it it

was two different

you have to look at it from two different

ways in roger Starbucks time

the frame he originated the hail mary pass

when Doug Flutie when Doug fruity did to

help mary plans

it's already been done he didn't

originate it

but he practiced it in life

there are times when you have to initiate

and hail mary attitude and you have to

do something in the clutch based on instinct alone

gut feelings emotions drive tenacity you have to go do it but should you live your life in a habitual way like a hail mary pass every day

every hour every time there's a clinch the difference between Roger Starbuck he was the originator, Doug Flutie, he practiced it

it wasn't just it wasn't in the playbook

but it definitely was in the practice

the plan he had he had an

alternative practice schedule for audibles

if you all don't know what the

audible is audible is

doing the play because you read the defense

on the cut but you practice those audibles in case

you get in certain situations in the game

and as we deal with the life we need to

learn how to practice audibles

so, therefore, our anxiety levels don't go up

and we'd be always prepared for the worst

case scenarios.Michael Jordan's another example he

practiced harder in practice than he did in the

the game so if anything came in he was always

prepared for how many of you are always prepared

for the long shot how many of you are

always prepared for the things

that seem like they're getting you down

how many of you are always prepared

for the rough things in life do you practice

for different occasions do you practice

for different situations

or you allow life to come to you or

the goal is to take life by the horns

don't let life come to you

you control the life that you live

and your destiny but a lot of people


on the term of a hail mary

everything they do is a

gut check but it's not practiced

do you practice your hail mary's I know

we practice

we practice our short routes because we

can see them but what about the things

that you cannot see

we have to protect your family you have

to protect the state a city or country

you have to protect your team if you


the people that are in your house as a


then you need to be the quarterback on

your gridiron

are you the quarterback that you were

are you controlling

are you practicing your hair marriage

on the daily so you'll never be


of what comes up in life if you take

life consciously

then you'll never be best be surprised

about what occurs

it's not about what it comes what comes

to you

in life is all about how you respond

Starbuck responded as a gut check

because he never experienced that

that situation before however he had the

arm shifting capabilities uh

he had to just try to throw the ball

that that far

he just never had the opportunity to

show what he had but after that one time

you better believe he practiced that


but not only did he practice that play

he said a precedent

that for people that came behind him

practice that in their

game plan or the alternative game plan

because there always comes a time in

life when you got to do a hail mary but the thing 

is are you prepared to throw the ball

journeyman joining women

that's the end of this video hope you

received something from

this content and if you like a little

bit more

just click above to my purpose-driven

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the playlist and I promise you there's

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your first move

if you don't remember anything else

remember this

every day you get a vertical make it

your golden life

to always move forward and not backward

this is a hero's journey with Dr. D out


 HOW TO OVERCOME FEARFUL                        THOUGHTS​

February 14, 2020

Often individuals are overcome with a thing that we call fear or is it really anxiety. I believe that these two terms are interchanged and that one is real and the other is created. I explain briefly in this video https://youtu.be/Q0-kjYSc8egmy my views of this matter of overcoming fearful thoughts.

   Thi​nk about what you're thinking abo​ut

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August,24 2021


You can discover more about Think about your thinking, you need to click: ➡ https://youtu.be/fqe6zuP_xnI This video is all about Think about your thinking subject information but we try to cover the subjects: -stand guard at the door of your mind -   control your thoughts -refine your philosophy So you would like to find out more about Think about your thinking, I did too and here is the result. Think about your thinking interested me so I did some research study and published it in a long-form podcast


 in addition to the video format of YT. We know that you're listening to our podcast since you wish to figure out more regarding Think about your thinking. ++++++++++++++++++++++ Our channel has other related episodes regarding standing guard at the door of your mind, controlling your thoughts and refining your philosophy Please check them out : https://www.aherosjourneywithDrDthepodcast.com

The material can also be viewed in an entertaining video format on our Youtube channel www.aherosjourneywithDrD.com

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February 19, 2022

forgiveness forgiveness takes you to a life of joy abundance fruitfulness cheer but unforgiveness does not it takes you to the exact opposite previously we've done videos pertaining to anger as it connects to forgiveness i started out with frustration it goes to resentment connects to bitterness and then leads into rage but the last phase of the five stages of toxicity is the terminal one

it's anger being the internal assassin while we get upset while we get annoyed even irritated at times

please do not let a grudge put you into the grave today we're going to talk about it sit back and enjoy

this first video we will be discussing the overview about how anger has potential to become that internal assassin for you and the second video we will talk about the effects of anger on your physical and emotional well-being and the third video to close it totally out will be about the interventions and what can you do to prevent anger from putting an end to your very existence if you look up to your into your left uh you should see it a previous video i did about how to prevent your amygdala from being hijacked and you can go back and review that and i'm pretty sure you'll receive something from it let me paint a picture for you three or four o'clock or five o'clock traffic it's busy it's all get out somebody ran back of your brand new lexus or whatever card you got it doesn't matter or they cross in front of you in the midst of a busy trans uh intersection in any case you feel some kind of way right you feel some kind of way what happens is that your amygdala which is the housing for your emotions which it receives outward stimuli it receives outward stem light and processing so what it's doing is that the nicholas writing recession is processing no processing the whole situation is processing the whole situation is a hot what are we going to do about this hi for those who are clicking in on the first time this is a hero's journey with dr d here to encourage to inspire to motivate and educate helping you can be on your first move and creating a better mindset today if you find any value in this content go ahead help me help you so we can help others by liking by clicking the thumbs up and sharing what you do is you join with me and climb with me as we try to make it better tomorrow today and currently what we do we upload a fresh video every week once a week and we do a live stream on wednesdays and a replay with a live chat on thursday and also you can click down below and we cover all the major podcasts and click the link and find your podcast so you can listen while you drive to and from work now enjoy the video so then it coordinates a release of a neurotransmitter and the neurotransmitter is catecholamine and what that does it it gives you a certain burst of energy but not only is it releasing that neurotransmitter it's also releasing a hormone true hormone antinephrine and norepinephrine norepinephrine these two hormones are increasing your heart rate while it's increasing your heart rate is because most of the blood is rushing to your to your extremities because you're ready to battle because the nicholas is saying it's saying to your system that it's time to fight for our life why is it that conversation in somebody's house a mild conversation can lead to such a tumultuous situation is it possible is it possible that we just don't know how to communicate effectively got a video about that is it possible that we just just do not know how to stop by amiga from being hijacked because that's what's happening it's not only hijacking that situation but it can hijack your life but you have control of your life let me get back to the example the [ __ ] sends information to the hypothalamus hypothalamus sends information to pituitary glands and that's what says it says information information to the release of the chemicals first you have the first you have the the neurotransmitter being released and then you have the hormones being released that whole scenario i just explained about the hypothalamus pituitary glands that's the hba accent axis if you'd like me to go in detail about that in a in a future video please put down the comment section dr d talk about the hk axis i don't know what you're talking about but i'm just trying to explain it briefly so when the hormones and neurotransmitters are are going off it's it's it's time to fight but it may not be time to fight that's the thing it's time to fight it's time to protect but it may not be time to fight or protect and why this is dangerous to your physical being and why this makes anger the internal assassin because those two hormones what they do because they constrict the blood vessels they can strict the blood vessels they make the heart pump extra hard and for an event yes because we're taking our lives but on continuous basis that's not good at all because these because what they these two hormones what they do they increase the amount of glucose and fatty acids in the blood and when that happens well now it's not good this increases the the amount of damage it increases the increase of of this flow at least it damages your artery walls and it releases the damage of your arterial walls it speeds up the process of asterosis and what ascerosis is is when the fatty plaque builds up in the artery and arteries and when it builds up what it does is stops the flow of oxygen rich blood that if it stops that flow there's a couple things that will happen when that flow is stopped so leads to stroke heart attack

and death and these are the things and actually research has shown that a lot of cases of such massive heart attack has happened 48 hours after a argument with a loved one

that means we need to learn how to communicate without restricting our arteries and increasing our blood pressure because not only your blood pressure increases your immune system decreases

but that's another video i just want to give you a general overview of why is

anger the eternal assassin is not it's not the internal it has the possibilities of becoming the internal assassin but understanding anger not by yourself the anger that stems from unforgiveness can become that catalyst to your demise

but next week will we what we will talk about the thanks of unforgiveness as it relates to anger on your physical well-being

hey journeyman journey women the video is up and we're finished for this part of this journey and don't forget to look up above see the videos that were mentioned earlier and also i have a playlist that you can look and see if there's anything else that can help you on this journey we call life and also remember this if you don't remember anything else if there's everything you get vertical make it your goal in life to move forward and never move back

because your life's important i think so god thinks so so it is important so be encouraged peace and blessings and if there be anything else that you need and i can assist you with go down my comment section and connect with me outside of the video if you need a little bit more one-on-one time things i can assist you with and to actually help you get beyond your first move go ahead check me out give me a call talk to me but remember this peace and blessings and this is hero's journey out you

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January 15, 2020

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Our First Blog Entry

January 15, 2020

Click this text to start editing. This blog block is a great way to share informational entries with your visitors. You can click the green +/- button to add new entries.

Our First Blog Entry

January 15, 2020

Click this text to start editing. This blog block is a great way to share informational entries with your visitors. You can click the green +/- button to add new entries.

Our First Blog Entry

January 15, 2020

Click this text to start editing. This blog block is a great way to share informational entries with your visitors. You can click the green +/- button to add new entries.

Our First Blog Entry

January 15, 2020

Click this text to start editing. This blog block is a great way to share informational entries with your visitors. You can click the green +/- button to add new entries.

Our First Blog Entry

January 15, 2020

Click this text to start editing. This blog block is a great way to share informational entries with your visitors. You can click the green +/- button to add new entries.