Our Services

A Hero's Journey Inc. (AHJ) helps by offering services that assist in the building of the individual in order to build the community through TESP. AHJ also utilizes The Journey to assist the adolescent ,Adult, Parent and Couple to overcome life's adversity through Therapy.


The Endangered Species Project 


The Endangered Species Project's(TESP) Focus is to address the need for positive development for youth that are labeled At Risk. Its focus is to provide discipline , positive self esteem, and to teach decision-making skills so youth can be equipped to make right choices in difficult situations. In addition, The Endangered Species Project (TESP) teaches coping mechanisms and focus -oriented interventions for youth who have lost their footing off the positive path. 

Goal and Objectives

     The overall goal of TESP is to promote the importance of a value system, by teaching youth the purpose of creating an environment of respect, integrity and healthy self-esteem. Learning these values should reduce behaviors caused by behavioral pathology or disregard for authority within the school and the environments in which they live.

     In addition, it is equally important that family inclusiveness be a part of this process. As these goals are accomplished, it is our goal to reduce the number of adolescents that face these challenges. 

The Journey

Therapeutic Services

Dr. Daniels is the therapist at AHJ and furnishs direct counseling to families and adolescents. Dr. Daniels specializes in group therapy with adolescent, single parent, first time offenders, and various types of groups. AHJ services includes working with children and adolescents (ages 7 through 18) with various emotional, educational, developmental, and behavioral challenges.

AHJ also work with adults with various addictions, psychological, interpersonal, and "life related" struggles. Our goal is to assist individuals and families in addressing issues that are not easily resolved.

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